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Our ambitions

Through our collective skills, talents and energies we support women and young girls especially those experiencing or having survived domestic violence and abuse, but also those who have been witness to these instances as children, family of friends of survivors and also those who have endured the insidious impacts of an oppressive culture of misogyny and inequality that pervades our social reality. Therefore, WOMAN UP is for ALL WOMEN!

By supporting women and girls from our place of skill and ability (Fitness and Wellness) and sharing our knowledge, experiences, and learnings we will empower and in so doing we will equip Women to change the narrative of misogyny and inequality which trains us to be afraid, to be quiet and to be invisible. By extending our ambition to include the education of men and boys also we equip women with the capacity to change the culture for us in the present moment and for the generations we will pass the baton on to.

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