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"I fell in love with Zumba in 2010 and after persuading my sisters and niece to join the weekly parties and arranging for one to become an Instructor in 2011, it was my turn to do my B1 in 2012. 10 years after becoming ZIN, Zumba remains a family affair … the family has grown. It's wonderful to have come together with so many people to forge a community. It’s beautiful to have found my sister circle amongst the Woman Up Queen Team."

No open classes at the moment - staff only (I am an NHS Manager by day) - but watch this space xx

Formats: Zumba/Zumba Step/Zumba Gold/Strong Nation

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"I became a Zumba instructor in 2017 and Strong nation instructor in 2018. I love teaching both because each of them ignites different parts of my personality. My classes are mostly about having fun and getting the steps right is a bonus;) I am also certified Life and Wellbeing Coach creating my own fitness and wellness programmes. I am the Host of Women Up Podcast show and creative part of Woman Up UK. I am currently teaching in Peckham and Cricklewood, London." 


Formats: Zumba/Strong Nation

For more details visit Simona Dance Fitness



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"Hey I'm Rachel McPhail a Bonnie lass from Livingston, Scotland. I have been a Zumba Instructor for about 4 years now. The reason why I started teaching was to spread the passion and love Zumba has to offer. It gives people the freedom to be themselves with no judgement. A chance to be yourself, together through the power of dance. So lets boogie! " 

I am licensed in Zumba, Zumba kids and kids jr and also Aqua Zumba. I have classes with West Lothian Leisure Xcite and have my own class at Torphichen Community Centre.

Formats: Zumba/Zumba kids/Zumba kids jr./Aqua Zumba

For more details visit Zumba With Rachel



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"Hi! I am Pachelle, Dancer/Choreographer/Zumba Instructor. I had dance in my blood from young and it is my ultimate love and passion. I have been teaching and performing from a young age where I choreographed for and danced in the award winning groups Platinum and Psychotic.

Finding a love for combining dance with Fitness I became a Zumba Instructor in 2011 with the goals of sharing my love through dance to the local community and beyond. I currently run classes in East London. I also run Dancehall Vybez (DHV) a class that aims to empower, encourage body confidence through the infectious rhythms of my Motherland’s roots (Jamaica) as well as other Caribbean and African influences that have influenced the sound and contributed to its evolution.


Formats: Zumba/Zumba Step/Aqua Zumba

For more details visit


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"I love dancing and bringing people together so it felt so natural for me to become a  Zumba instructor. When I see ladies absolutely letting go in my class it makes me extremely happy. 

I have been a Zumba Instructor and dance fitness teaching for the last 8 years, and have been a Strong Nation instructor 6 years and yoga teacher for 2 years. I also offer stretching and movement classes for fitness recovery and am weeks away from completing my Swim Coach training and running a swimming school. In August 2021 I completed my first triathlon and I plan to compete in further competitions. I would also love to support women who might want to take their first triathlon steps.

Come dance, train and swim with me! I am currently teaching in Barking, Dagenham, London."

Formats: Zumba/Strong nation/Yoga/Swimming

For more details click here Zumba barking&dagenham

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"Hi! I am Selina from London and I've been a ZIN™ Member since September 2014 and absolutely love teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party, burning hundreds of calories whilst smiling and laughing all the way through! 

I am licensed to teach Zumba and Zumba Step and I teach twice a week in Snap Fitness Tooting gym in London.

I always bring my Caribbean flavour to each class, and love to add the hottest Latin rhythms too.

Making everyone smile and seeing the transition of individuals over time is what makes me enjoy teaching so much!"

Formats: Zumba/Zumba step

For more details visit Selinaninazumba 



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"Hey, my name is Jemma Hughes, I have been a ZIN now for 3 years.  I am fun, cheeky, sassy and firey.  I love to inspire women and men to be comfortable and confident in the skin they're in. I love to make people feel the way I feel when I'm dancing and give them permission to let go, love who they are completely and be unapologetically themselves whatever their body shape, size, race or religious beliefs. I want them to know I am not here to judge when they step into my classes but rather to celebrate the amazing human being they are!

I teach at Yendell's Health and Wellness Hub in Norfolk, North Walsham. I teach face to face classes as well as

online classes.  With that being said come and join us for classes and feel the love."

Formats: Zumba/Zumba Gold/Zumba toning/Zumba kids/Zumbinis


For more details visit



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"My name is Reka. I am a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor and also the person behind Madame Modiste Ltd, the distributor of the official Woman Up Merchandise.

I have been working in the fitness industry for the last 11 years. Zumba is my absolute passion from the very beginning.

I’ve received my Zumba Instructor Certificate in 2011 and been the member of the Zumba Instructor Network since. I have received my Gym Instructor and a Personal Trainer diploma in 2017 and from 2022 November I am a Pound instructor as well. 

I am currently teaching in private clubs in London.

I started Madame Modiste in the beginning of 2021 inspired by my dachshund. I distributed clothes with my own designs (mainly sausage dog prints). Since then as the business evolved I started to create branded clothes for fitness instructors, corporates and concert halls.

Formats: Zumba/Zumba Kids/Zumba Toning/Strong Nation/Personal Training/Pound fitness

For more info visit madame.modiste

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Pocket rocket known as ‘Nat The Ninja’ is the expert in movement for wellness and strength. Creator or Groove2Move and Co-Founder of KinisiFlow Natalie is the consummate Fitness Educator and presenter having years of experience in Dance and Martial Arts.

Natalie is also a Body Sculpting champion and Master Trainer in numerous Fitness formats. Natalie is working with Woman Up to develop our Self Defence and Trauma Release programme.

You can join Natalie for classes and trainings by visiting

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Sandra Harnes “as the daughter of musician … rhythm was the first language I learned”

Mother. Dancer. Choreographer. International Presenter, Zumba Education Specialist, Community Inspiration, and force of nature …. Sandra Harnes has been instrumental to Woman Up as a teacher, inspiration, and supporter. She has trained us in many fitness specialities, danced side by side with the Queen Team and encouraged us to step into our office as Movement. Sandra is also the Founder of businesses FierceLight Ltd and Baddmama Inc. It is a great honour and privilege that Sandra continues to champion Woman Up, fundraising with us, leading bespoke sessions, developing our education programmes and presenting with us.

Dancing since birth Sandra has been a Zumba Instructor since 2010 and a Zumba Education Specialist since 2014.


You can join Sandra for classes and trainings by visiting sandraharnzes

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