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International Women's Day Event

Every year we celebrate International Women's day together. We celebrate our beauty, wisdom and uniqueness. We elevate each other as queens and we create unforgettable memories. Event is open to everyone and every year we strive to level up and to bring more magic into the lives of our supporters.

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Fitness and Wellness Hubs

Community Hubs are local spaces where attendance is open to all women. In our hubs women can try a range of fitness sessions, mindfulness, therapeutic arts, and just be present in a safe space with other women. The hubs will offer access to private coaching, befriending and will sign post to immediate support services for women in crisis. More details coming soon.

Hands Together

Bespoke Programmes

Self Defence/Swimming/Education/Coaching & Mentoring programmes are just a sneak peak of what we can deliver. These programmes will better equip women to achieve their dreams and aspirations by promoting the development of self-confidence and self-awareness and reducing the power and anxiety that fear in an unsafe and unequal society creates and can thwart female ambition.

WOMAN UP team creates mental, emotional, and physical spaces in which women learn to better value themselves and their power, find their voices and in so doing make ever greater contributions to the equalising of our society.

By Training the Trainers we are also able to provide a career development opportunity for women.


Corporate wellness packages

Coming soon.

Meeting at office
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WOMEN UP! Podcast Show

Podcast to empower you on your journey of self-discovery, safe space for women to speak their truth.

Fitness Class

Woman Up Agency

Woman Up UK is your solution if you are looking for qualified fitness or wellness coach, instructor, specialist or professional in the field to deliver a class/programme. We partner with community centres, schools, corporate entities to deliver bespoke service to your customers.

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