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WOMAN UP ELLEV8: March 4th 2023


Celebrating International Women’s Day

" We rise together in physical, mental and emotional energy, power, strength and confidence."

WOMAN UP ELLEV8: March 4th 2023

Elle – She/Her/Girl/Woman

V is for Vigour – physical strength, good health/energy, effort, enthusiasm

Elevate – raise or lift to a higher position/raise to a more important or impressive level

8 - March 8 is International Women’s Day

Book your place at WOMAN UP: ELLEV8. 

We are honoured to be able to deliver this event in celebration of International Women’s Day with our Fembassadors, Friends and Sisters and YOU! 

The ELLEV8 Wellness Day will take participants through 8 key themes in a variety of sessions led by QUEENS.


We will set our intentions for ELLEV8 with morning mindfulness and meditations, whilst preparing physically with Yoga and dynamic stretching in the secret garden.

Led by Simona Sabova & Mill Hill School Enterprises 


As we think on some of the key challenges facing women our guest speakers will inspire us to believe we have the tools, skills, talents, resources and capacity within us to affect change. 


We will set our bodies in motion through a range of fitness sessions such as Self Defence, Strong Nation, Boxercise, Pound, Kinisi Flow and an early morning swim. The gym will be open throughout the day for participants to work out and the Mill Hill Team of trainers will be on hand to support attendees to conquer equipment, technique and gym myths that may make women nervous. Sessions will be led by Master Trainer Sabrina Ferro, Dance Fitness & Martial Arts experts Natalie Constanti & Michael Dean, Woman Up Instructors and Mill Hill School Enterprises. 


Participants can join the Empowerment sessions. 

“Think Like A Man” – Confidence in the Workplace’ will help women think about CV building, interviewing and negotiating their way into and up the career ladder. 

“NO” The 2 letter spell – will encourage women to decline and to refuse unapologetically and to asert healthy boundaries.

Sessions will be led by Hope Leaders Ltd founded by Claire Janine Leon Beattie and Life Coach Simona Sabova.


Café 6 will not only be the space to refuel for breakfast and lunch but also the space in which you can access holistic nutrition advice focused on hormone balance, healing and wellness as well as beauty advice to compliment and supplement the elevated Queen.


Continue to grow in CONFIDENCE with our series of choreography dance sessions to help you move beyond the comfort zone of group exercise beautifully and powerfully Occupy YOUR space. Classes are:  Liberate with ZES Sandra Harnes, Dancehall Vybez with Pachelle, Salsa Styling with ZJ Lina Telis, Bellydance ZJ Anna Marchenko and HEELS with Eleni Koutis founder of the Elevate dance school.


Within the beautiful grounds of Mill Hill school are wonderfully tranquil places for contemplation and processing. The Library and the secret garden will be decked out as zones for relaxation and learning about our chosen 8 women of impact. With empowering presentations of poetry and an invitation to add to the ELLEV8 vision board, the quiet spaces will key safe spaces.


It wouldn’t be WOMAN UP without a Zumba party. The ELLEV8 finale will be one to remember and will be open to our community Kings also, as we celebrate Women – past, present and future in music and dance and in PURPLE – the colour of royalty, wisdom, power, ambition, magic, wealth, pride and independence. Woman Up Instructors will be joined by Fembassador Sandra Harnes ZES, and special guest Queens including ZJ  Lina Telis, ZJ Nadia Alkoc, ZJ Anna Marchenko, ZIN Samantha Kerrigan, and Eleni Koutis founder of the Elevate Dance School.

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